We are a research team led by A/Prof. Damien Fordham at The University of Adelaide's Environment Institute. As trans-disciplinary scientists and research students, we bring a range of critical skills to the topic of global environmental change on natural systems: an area characterised by complexity and some irreducible uncertainty.

Our research blends theoretical and empirical approaches. It uses the latest developments in global ecology, genomics, climatology and paleontology to improve the way in which ecological-model forecasts are generated, interpreted, and used to protect natural systems for long-term resource sustainability.

By unveiling the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that have shaped past and current-day patterns of biodiversity, our research is providing a 'real world' foundation for better anticipating what the future may bring under accelerated rates of climate change.




 Our research is leading to significant advances, in four related disciplines: (i) global change biology; (ii) eco-evolutionary dynamics; (iii) conservation paleoecology; and (iv) climate geography.


In all our research we endeavour to present and translate our results in exciting and innovative ways. We put a large emphasis on collaboration, working closely with other academic, government and non-government institutions.



The lab consists of  a diverse group of students, postdocs and research fellows with a wide range of research interests and skills.

The  common theme in our research is an interest in combining empirical data with theory using computational models to better understand, predict, and mitigating the impacts of climate change and other anthropogenic forces that threaten the diversity of life on Earth and the vital services it provides to humanity.

Current Opportunties

The lab welcomes students, postdocs and visiting scholars of all backgrounds.


Dual award PhD stipends are now available in global ecology and macroecology at the University of Adelaide’s School for Biological Sciences, with joint external supervision from staff at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC).


G02 Benham Building, School of Biological Sciences,
The University of Adelaide, Australia, 5005


Tel: +61-8-8313-67111